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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  November 8, 2009 7:00am-10:00am EST

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>> good morning everyone, it's sunday, november 8th. here is what's happening and what happened while you were sleeping. the house narrowly passed a historic health reform bill. now the focus shifts to the senate. will they follow suit? >> plussing this morning the accused shooter at fort hood is off his ventilator. how long before we find out what caused that tragic shooting that left 13 people dead? new details are coming up this morning. >> and cash for prayers. we'll hear from one pastor who says it's a good way to bring in church goers. so if you agree. you're watching "fox & friends," our slogan this morning comes from helen in camden, arkansas, i am 91 years old and get up every day to see what my friend at fox have to say. >> you go, helen. >> brilliant. >> absolutely! >> live from the news crossroads of the world, this is "fox & friends."
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>> it is "fox & friends," good sunday morning, clay morris is off for the first time since coming to fox news almost two years ago. pete are johnson, jr. in for him. good to have you here this morning. >> honored to be here. >> good to have you. the folk at capitol hill were burning the midnight oil last night. >> they were. >> they worked all day on a rare saturday session and they finally at about 11:15 last night made some real progress. the house passed the legislation to expand health care coverage. president obama says he expects the senate to follow suit and caroline shively joins us with the latest. i hope you weren't up following the action. >> i was in bed about three hours before. nancy pelosi was able to push through the vote with two votes to spare. take a lessen to speaker pelosi if she announces the results and the cheers. >> the ye's, 220. nays 215.
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the bill is passed. >> that cheer is for ten year, 2000 page 1.2 trillion dollar health care bill a sweeping overhaul of or health care system. now, 219 democrats voted for the bill, plus, one republican. congressman joseph goa. he is a republican and overwhelmingly democratic district in new orleans. now, 176 republicans and 39 democrats voted against it. take a listen to some of the sound from the house floor for and againstments it's been said that this is a government takeover of health care. this is false. this is a consumer takeover of health care. >> the declaration of independence founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor, this is a declaration of dependence that pledges americans lives, americans fortunes and there is no honor in that.
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>> so now the action heads to the senate. they won't start debating this until december. final passage or final vote may not be until next year. >> thanks very much, caroline. as she mentioned, one republican did vote for, she mentioned joseph gao. he comes from louisiana, 60% democratic county one of the poorest districts in the country and he really won because if he ran against william jefferson as we all remember was accused of rg $90,000 cash in his freezer. corruption and that's why he got here, the fact that he ran for this bill and. >> technically it's bipartisan i'm not sure this is what the president was talking about particularly the night of the iowa caucus talking about how he was going to do this with bipartisan support january
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3rd. i'll be a president who finally makes health care affordable and available to everybody the same way i expanded health care in illinois by bringing democrats and republicans together. now, that's a plural there, people, it doesn't say democrats and republican. >> democrats and republicans were not brought together. in fact, about 40 democrats defected and voted against the pelosi bill in this very, very narrow vote. so, it can't be called bipartisan and you know, congressman is going to run as a republican who's really a democrat. >> right. >> in an overwhelmingly democratic district. >> what is also interesting about his district and louisiana as a whole, there are democrats there who do not support the health care plan. another congressman in louisiana has voted no on it. that's charlie mellen-- i'm not sure how to pronounce, but marry landrieu has
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reservationing with the health care reform. in louisiana things are topsy-turvy. >> he was on board with some abortion language that went into the bill, kind after republican leaning vote, but, yeah, he's clearly going, lobbying to his constituents. saying i voted for this thing hoping he can get reelected until 2010. we'll see, an uphill battle there. >> let's talk about the shenanigans last night on the floor. if some of you are not viewers, perhaps you don't know what goes on when there's a long debate about a big topic or issue so we decided we would show you some of these things that they resorted to yesterday. including apparently using babies as props. >> yeah, this was-- >> this is mattie, mattie believes in freedom. mattie likes america because we have freedom here and mattie believes this choice in
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health care she asked to come here today to say she doesn't want the government to take over health care. >> we're happy to have the guest referred to, but the gentleman is reminded not to refer to guests of the house. >> i encourage each of my colleagues to join me in voting yes and i can assure you these guys aren't going to have to pay for it for the future, yield back the balance of my time. >> (laughter) >> so, first was the republican john shat tuck, second was the democrat pete shark and the seven month old he saw with his chief of staff's seven month old daughter. this was an add way of making your point on the house floor, but this is what goes on. the things we don't see on the house floor, guys. you know, i bring my daughters everywhere 'cause i was raised the same way what do you bring-- she's two years old and now
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on. >> she's 16. >> and i bring them everywhere, but-- >> yes? >> this is incredible. on both sides of the aisle. i mean, i know politicians love babies and kissing babies and all that, but to drag kids around on a saturday in the halls of congress for one viewpoint or the other to say listen, this little baby is going to pay for this and future generations are going to pay and saying these kids need this, it's ridiculous. >> you bring your kids around you, don't use them as props. >> to learn, to learn, absolutely. >> you also don't speak for them. you don't hold them up and says little mattie really wants health care. >> in baby talk, mind you. >> that was peck-- peculiar. >> they were channelling edgar in his car seat. >> i feel really bad, he feel horrid. >> that's true. >> that wasn't the only shen
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n nan begans. every time one of his democratic colleagues went to speak he found a unique way of interrupting. >> mr. speaker are i asked to revise-- >> i object, i object, oye be. >> there is-- the request is not yet before the house. >> mr. speaker parliamentary inquiry. >> the gentleman is not recognized. the gentleman from california is yielded to. >> mr. speaker i ask unanimous to revise my remarks. >> i object, i object, i object. >> there's no request before the house yet. >> mr. speaker, parliamentary inquiry. >> and this is the stuff that late night comedians come up with. this doesn't happen on the floor. >> i know it or as one of the authors pointed out while you're speaking going ♪ la, la, la, la i can't hear you not. >> i object, i object. >> does not compute, does not
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compute, does not compute! and one of the marks brothers had a song, whatever it is i'm against it and they'd sing it ♪ whatever it is, i'm against it ♪ and this guy i object, i object, i object. >> same philosophy. >> come on! is that a debate? we will have a congressman from georgia on the program this morning. >> i object. >> stop it! we'll ask if this is appropriate and the way to make your point. >> i object. >> thank you, we'll not heckle you when you do news headlines. >> i appreciate that. >> i'd like an uninterrupted. >> i'll not object. >> thank you very much. let me tell you what's happening in your headlines because we have an update for you now. the man authorities say went on a shooting rampage at fort hood has been taken off a ventilator, but nidal malik hasan remains in an army hospital. they're not sure if he's able to communicate, this as investigators continue to search for a motive. he was shot during an exchange
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of gunfire during thursday's attack, 13 people were killed in the shooting rampage. >> an anti-taliban mayor is among those killed in the latest bombing in pakistan. killed 12 and wounded dozens more. the mayor who was killed had recently formed a local militia to fight the taliban. the attack happened about ten miles south of the northwestern city. the taliban is claiming responsibility. well, the lawyer for the man accused of shooting up his former work place says his client is mentally ill. jason rodriguez is charged with shooting six people and killing one at an orlando office building. held without bail and is on suicide watch at an orange county jail. his lawyer says he's been under a lot of stress. >> unemployment, foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, all the stresses, plus, the conduct that's always been-- already been reported from neighbors and families that shows that he's been declining in mental health and decompensating.
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>> rodriguez is accused of killing 26-year-old otis beckford. he's accused the firm of causing his financial difficulties. >> let's check in with him how weather is looking. >> you know what, we have a hurricane again, hurricane ida with a tropical storm cutting through the yucatan channel. it's a 90 mile per hour storm and pulling through the gulf and we're potentially going to be talking about bigger impacts across the central gulf and the eastern gulf areas of this week. by around tuesday morning, you still see the official forecast from the national hurricane center, a category 1 storm. very close here towards the central gulf and then things fall apart and makes a loop deloop and comes back down towards florida, some models showing this may pull in across the eastern parts of the country. i don't think we'll be talking about a land falling hurricane, but a lot of moisture and wind across the gulf this week. the temps as you're waking up, warm across the central part of the country and eastern
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two-thirds of the country once again today looking absolutely spectacular, alisyn. >> fantastic, thanks, rick. meanwhile, another story to tell you about because construction is underway for the flight 93 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> roll. [applaus [applause] >> that's the ground breaking ceremony are' looking at held at the site where flight 93 crashed on 9/11. interior secretary ken salazar led the event saying those famous words "let's roll" borrowing the phrase with todd beamer the passenger credited with leading the revolt against the hijackers. and set to feature a chapel with 40 chimes symbolizing each of the victims. >> in u.s.s. new york, a ship built with steel salvage from the world trade center was commissioned in new york harbor in a solemn ceremony. the 1.2 billion dollar ship was built in louisiana and two other ships, arlington and the
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summerset are built in honor of the victims of the 9/11 attacks and those are your headlines. >> what a great day it was in new york for that. they had the parade the other day, they've got the u.s.s. new york. good stuff here in new york. coming up on the show we've learned the suspected shooter at fort hood had some serious problems. why didn't the military catch him sooner? colonel david hunt is here to explain. >> and a boy gets expelled for poking another kid with a pencil. are some zero tolerance policies going just too far? we're going to report on that interesting story and you will decide. ♪
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>> well, the army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people at fort hood was apparently raising eyebrows with his behavior well before the shooting rampage. did the u.s. military miss warning signs and could this attack have been preventedments fox news military analyst colonel david hunt joins us. good morning, colonel. how are you? >> hi, good morning, hi. >> good, now, could this have been prevented if the army was being vigilant? >> not, no. referring to the eight years in afghanistan and six and a half years in iraq, we don't monitor, we have about 3,000 muslims in the military or a thousand in the army and we're not monitoring our soldiers. we shouldn't be and it looks like the fbi had some indication this guy was not pleased and maybe there was a p.c. attitude, possibly we'll find out, but insider tragedies like this can happen
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any arm of the u.s. government for the obvious reasons. this was a trusted officer. it was a psychiatrist. been in the service seven years, we don't monitor our soldiers and noncommissioned officers and probably should not. >> okay. but hold on a second, let me tell you some of the things some of his colleagues are saying, were red flags. he gave a classroom presentation that seems to justify suicide bombings and he was well-known to be opposed to the war effort. he says that muslims should rise up against their opressors, meaning u.s. soldiers. he sid that the war on terror was a war on islam. if somebody a spouting all of this, can't the army do something? >> yeah, that question-- the answer is not very much. again, we switched out with the free society. and people have-- were protesting this war in both afghanistan and iraq for a long time and service members, they have an opinion. i'm not justified. this guy should be drawn and quartered in the front gates of fort hood.
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this was a murdering sob that did this, but insider violence and when there's the fbi and army and navy and marine corps is very, very possible because of the trusted nature of people that are in uniform and this isn't in fort hood texas, this is in readiness center and been in the service seven years and it's terrible for the families, but preventible by monitoring each other, no. >> hey, colonel, aren't we going out of our way to excuse the deficits in terms of the army? i mean, i read associated press stories and they say that fellow students complain to the faculty about anti-american political propaganda. then there's another doctor who complained about him. he said he should have been confronted about these beliefs and told to cease and desist. and then we heard about colonel lee the other day and his complaints about major hasan. so, how can you say and i say
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most respectfully that this could not have been prevented and that the army didn't drop the ball when they had these clear, consistent, indications of anti-american political propaganda and other people say that he was not disposed to be doing what he should be doing. isn't this a cop out? aren't you defending the american army here? >> yeah, you could be disrespectful or respectful, it's up to you. >> no, the answer is absolutely no. >> it's not a cop-out. >> let me-- what happens is-- of course not. what happens if somebody complains, what's the next step. and always after the fact, you had these people coming out of the woodwork and saying, oh, i knew this was going to happen and it's not true. >> these are the people that complained and nothing happened. >> i'm telling you an insider job like this was virtually impossible. >> why were they ignored? >> chain of command is first of all fight ago war and we're not sure yet, yeah, we're not sure they were always complaining. it's a tragic incident, but
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could not-- ments we will be right back with you colonel, we've got a quick commercial break and look forward to having you back. a female civilian officer helped take down to shooter at fort hood so do kimberly's actions mean the women should serve on the front liep. more with colonel hunt. >> and bill o'reilly look out. you may have a problem getting 0 and plane and could give passengers serious critique, and will o'reilly will explain. ale nt
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>> welcome back. the men at fort hood are trained to fight for their country, but it was of course a female cop who helped bring down the suspected shooter of thursday's deadly attack. so does kimberly's heroism bring into question, colonel
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david hunt, what do you think, should they end the ban? >> yeah, absolutely. the ban was ended in iraq and afghanistan by the nature of the war. it's called asymmetric, means the bad guys can hit you at anyplace anytime. we've had women with a silver star, women in combat and this great civilian police officer took a round in the wrist and a round to the leg and put four rounds into this murderer while he was trying to kill somebody else. she didn't wait, she did her job. the answer is yes. bravery and competency should never have anything to do with how you have sex or how you go to the bathroom. it should be on competency and bravery and the issue of women in combat has been crap for a long time. >> and colonel, let me tell you other factors about her bravery our audience may not know. she reportedly came at him as he was charging her. still firing, she didn't retreat and furthermore she has had a three-year-old child at home so anything you could ever say about women having
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too much of a maternal instinct or want to go get home to their kids, she went at him right into the line of fire, knowing that she might not be going home to that little three-year-old. >> the only people that have been having a problem with women in combat and women in police and intelligence community have been white men. this has been crap for an awful long time, but the war in afghanistan and war in iraq and things like happened in fort hood with the brave police officer should have dispelled all that. we need very good people doing their jobs regardless of religion and again, how they have sex, how they go to the bathroom. we need the best people wherever they are doing their jobs, not worrying about this issue. i think it's-- it should be dead, shed have been dead a long timements colonel, is there going to be a change in the policy? or-- >> it's been acquiesced to there because of the way that combat, truck drivers are now in combat driving, helicopter pilots, military policemen, people normally in the rear of
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battles are in in them and it's almost by the nature of the combat done away with. it's not talked about much in the military at all. >> very interesting, colonel david hunt, we appreciate you this morning. >> thank, colonel. >> you're welcome. >> a major amendment is being credited with helping the health care bill pass overnight. if you're just waking up we should tell you it happened about 11:15 last night. white house minority leader john boehner thinks this is a ploy. we have a live report on this straight ahead. ♪ . in that song mily cyrus, it willing about jay-z's songs. now she tells she's never heard one of his songs. >> first, the great rick reichmuth comes on and rick-- >> the song in my head the rest of the day, thanks. >> we've got a hurricane,
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hurricane ida coming to the gulf potentially and affecting parts of the u.s. this week so we'll talk a lot about that coming up. stay with us. ♪
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>> at 29 minutes after the hour. this is a fox news alert the house was passed the health
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care bill overnight. joining us from washington is jim angle. good morning, jim. >> good morning, guys. >> it seems like the whole debate almost came up the rails because of the abortion issue. what can you tell us about that? >> well, that's right. democratic leaders spent the last three days furious behind the scenes negotiations because anti-abortion democrats threatened to vote against the bill which endangered its passage. now, speaker nancy pelosi said she didn't-- bart stupak on michigan, elsworth of indiana refused to back down and ms. pelosi had no choice, but to let a vote on no funds for abortion. >> the members deserve the chance to vote their conscience. >> it angered abortion rights democrats and risked losing
7:31 am
their votes. >> to say this this amendment is a wolf in sheep's clothing would be the understatement of a lifetime. >> the anti-abortion amendment passed with one member voting present, guys. jim, now there appears to be an acquisition from the minority leader john boehner nancy pelosi was doing some sort of a back room deal. >> mr. boehner came to floor she was secretly promising abortion rights, the pro choice caucus, even if the amendment got passed she'd make sure it got dropped in the senate over a unified bill. here is what boehner said. >> it's pretty clear this could be a shell game. it gets passed here in the house helping to ensure that this bill passes, but we have no guarantees. now, when it comes back from
7:32 am
conference that that landing stopping taxpayer funding for abortion will be in the bill. >> but the anti-abortion democrats did vote for the bill, good thing miss pelosi kept them on board because she lost 39 other democrats and without at anti-abortion group the bill would have been defeated now that the house is activity the action shifts to the senate where a single bill has not emerged from senator majority lead are harry reid. >> we appreciate it. you missed more shenanigans against charlie rangel and john boehner back and forth. boehner trying to get a guarantee from democrats and others will you guarantee this language stays in the bill once it returns here? obviously, no guarantees. but more shenanigans on the house floor. >> and congressman rangel in reference to his own allegations of ethical violations, then accused congre congressman boehner and trying to get a guarantee from him. it was silly. >> let's hope the democrats
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don't feel hoot winked that had he helped deliver it. >> that's what happens in these things. >> a lot more happening, we have an update on the suspected fort hood shooter. now, hasan is accused of killing 13 people in the deadly rampage. last night we got an update on his condition. >> the suspect, hasan, remains hospitalized in san antonio where we understand he remains in icu, no longer on a ventilator. but the army says they're not sure if hasan is able to communicate this morning. this, as investigators continue to search for a motive. president obama will on tuesday attend a memorial service to honor victims of that rampage. police in cleveland released the identity of three more victims whose remains were found in the homes of that suspected murderer. that brings the total of identified remains to seven. four others are still unknown. anthony sole remains in jail
7:34 am
on a 5 million dollar bond on charges of rape and aggravated murder. the resort town of vail, colorado is stunned this morning, after a deadly shootout at a popular bar. at least one person was killed, three others wounded after a man opened fire at the sand bar sports grill. police say that richard marrow. pulled out a gun and started shooting. ment 63-year-old is said to be a regular at the bar. and here is the story. >> ownings, yeah. >> is pop star mily cyrus a music cal hypocrite ♪ the taxi man turned on the radio and the jay-z song was on, and the jay-z song was on ♪ . >> tell us about the jay-z song, mily because in a recent interview the singer talked about her hit song "party in the usa" and specifically about the line that a jay-z song was on, but when asked what her favorite jay-z song is, mily admitted she's never heard any of jay-z's music.
7:35 am
>> any of it. >> didn't know a song. >> see says she doesn't listen to pop music even though that's his genre, but thanked god for blessing her with a hit song. >> don't get me i don't think in my head the next three hours and we were doing a ditty to it, but she's never heard a jay-z song. >> i'll give her one. empire state of mind. >> that's one more than mine-- >> that's peter's favorite song. >> big song at the world series. you know more than mily. >> i can't bash mily. >> rick, can you believe this? i mean, i know i shouldn't be so outraged, but-- first of all, do you think that she wrote that song? >> oh. >> no. >> she didn't write the song she's just singing the lyrics rfrjts really? >> there's never been more disappointed with an artist before. >> jay-z isn't pop so. >> and take a look at the weather maps, guys. >> got to particular it off my
7:36 am
ipod rick. >> mily? >> and temperatures this morning, very nice across the plains, another spectacular day today. enjoy it because things are going to change especially across the southeast because of the next graphic here, we have got hurricane ida, yesterday, a tropical storm and nicaragua and honduras and now the yucatan channel and to the north and we pull forward. it strengthened enough it will hold on to status as a hurricane for a little while. move forward and you can see the trajectory pulling off towards the north and jeff, if you move forward one more time we'll show you the track. we'll continue to pull up to the north and dissipate probably before it gets to the central gulf, however, a lot of uncertainty with this forecast, so, everybody i would say, everywhere to the east of new orleans need to be watching this closely as we move forward over the next 24 to 48 hours. next graphic, we're looking at a very beautiful day across the eastern part of the country, in fact, just kind of
7:37 am
one of the nicest weekend we've had in a very long time and i tell what you, yesterday was a very nice day for blowing up some balloons. check out some of the pictures, it's getting to be thanksgiving time, guys. we're 18 days away from thanksgiving. and so they go out and they test all the new balloons. these are some of the new balloons that they are going to be debuting in the parade and this year, on thanksgiving day, i will be at the parade interviewing all the great people that are going to be walking in this parade. >> that's great. >> rick calls that his favorite workday of the year. >> it is one of my favorites days, you get to be right there front row at the parade and it's about four blocks from my house and makes the wakeup very easy. >> i'm going to be at the giants-broncos game that day, you have fun. >> i like the parade. >> and mily cyrus didn't have me fired up this next story got me when i read it. a chicago area 6th grader at school, a little bit of a disagreement with some of his fellow 6th graders so he got frustrated with what another
7:38 am
student said. what he did was essentially took his pencil, nice to peter and jabbed the other kid around the kneecap area with his pencil. >> thank you. and apparently left a mosquito bite sized wound. this kid got expelled. from the plainfield area of illinois, expelled from school, guys. i would have been kicked out of school 30 times over. >> and do things poke someone with a pencil. >> this kid wasn't trying to kill anybody. these things happen. these are 6th graders, expelled from school, this could change the direction of this young kid's life. >> he's expelled for the rest of the year. not a suspension, it's an expulsion, can't go back until september. >> can't go back at all. he can go back to the alternative school in the district. alternative school often not a good move for a student's future. >> the parents say the child suffer from severe attention deficit disorder. >> hiner activity. >> and that the boy should
7:39 am
have been in special ed before. and if he'd been in special ed this would not have happened. >> right. >> well, look, this is all about the zero tolerance policy. okay. they now consider the pencil a weapon. he didn't stab, i think that's an overstatement. he poked somebody with a pencil i think this happened to all of us in our grammar school days. that's now considered a well-- >> should there be a one stab rule, dave. the second one you're out? >> i'm not saying-- >> how about a stab in the eye? >> okay. >> in the knee, gone. >> absolutely. >> stomach. >> gone, gone. >> stomach, no, no, you're okay. >> face, gone. >> how about an artery in the arm, punctured an artery. >> can a pencil puncture an artery. >> a little 2% pencil or 2-- >> a hypodermic needle. >> i understand in colorado a kid was expelled for a fake begun.
7:40 am
they practiced on. what do they call-- >> no, practice the, the twirling of the guns. >> you're capable counsel, you're attorney for the day. i believe redemption, too. suspend him. >> let us know what, alisyn and i are on twitter. >> me, too. >> peter johnson. >> i'm on twitter. >> how about that. >> listen up, bill o'reilly, i know you're watching. we have bad news for you, bill o'reilly and rosie o'donnell and anybody with apostrophe in your name, you can get thrown off a flight because there's a new rule where the computer doesn't recognize your apostrophe and if it doesn't, you will not be able to get on your flight. please explain. >> right, so much for the luck of the irish. see what happens here? o'reilly has the apostrophe in his name. you have to have that on your i.d., your i.d. has to match your ticket. the problem is, many computer systems, including ironically,
7:41 am
many at o'hare international airport, with an apostrophe, don't recognize the apostrophe, if it doesn't match your license, you can't get off the plane. i'm kind of scared, bill may be able to kick us off the set. you can't get on the plane. >> what are we saying an anti-irish-american policy? is that what you're saying? >> a design flaw, i think that's what we're saying. >> all right. >> or designed to keep o'reilly and o'donnell off the same flight? >> that would be wise. >> a good thing to do probably. and also for those of you say your license says john t smith and united airline doesn't say john t smith. it has to match entirely on your i.d. and your birthday starting after 2010 when you buy a ticket. >> there's nothing that a billion dollars can't solve. if we spend a billion dollars we can solve it and figure out how to pay it and cut medicare and pay for this. >> it will be fine. >> good i hope we get bill
7:42 am
o'gates on this. and in the meantime, okay. it pays to pray, at least in one church, an inventive pastor is giving out cash as prizes every sunday and you won't believe what people are doing with the money. he's going to tell us next. >> and a-- we will be right back. sfx: coin drop, can shaking
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when you own a business, saving sounds good. so hear this: regions makes it simple to save money and time with lifegreen checking and savings for business, free convenient e-services and regions quick deposit, so you can deposit checks right from your desk. so switch to regions and start saving. plus, get a business financial review through a regions cashcor analysis. it's how business gets into the rhythm of saving. regions - it's time to expect more. >> 45 minutes past the hour rnths here is your news by the numbers. first, $10,000, that's how
7:45 am
much a motorized recliner sold for on ebay. driven by a man convicted of drunk driving. next, 83,000, that's how much jason sadler will make selling advertising space on his torso, sadler will wear a different sponsored t-shirt every day for a year and post pictures on social media networking sites daily. finally $65,000, how much a controversial comforter is going for, meant to look like a cardboard box like the kind a homeless person would sleep upped and even comes with sheets that look like sidewalk. let's go over to peter and dave. >> sounds awfully nice, aly. thank you. >> not too warm though. it pays to pray. at one chicago church all you have to do is show up and you have the chance to win hundreds of dollars. >> sounds good to me, pastor dan willis of the "life house" church of all nations is here from chicago to explane. good morning to you, pastor dan. >> good morning, peter and
7:46 am
dave. thanks for having me. >> great to have you. i understand you brought along props which we always appreciate. explain to us what the box is that you have, i believe, there onset and how if i go to your church i can walk away with $500 in my pocket. >> well, you know, thanks for asking. it was really odd. this was just a simple promotion, we were starting to do that has now garnered international media attention. i'm teaching a series on faith and finances, basically the premise being when your faith is up usually your debt is down, but when your debt is up, your faith is usually on the floor. so, i just started trying to teach people how the two were inextricably tied together and getting your faith up giving a blow by blow, play by play how to get out of debt i was table to do myself. so in doing this to promote it i hung this box from the ceiling. and promoted it for a couple of weeks, which actually the catalyst was when oprah had a big thing going on in chicago
7:47 am
a few weeks ago and had a box in macy's window and opened up the box and opened it up, it was questions or something. and i thought i'm going to do it when we open ours up, it's money out of it. and when i'm teaching on this, i've got four kids, when i teach something to my kids a better way to do it is incentive. i'm not just going to tech teach it, as i teach it we'll pay some people's debt down. and so we have three services. >> pastor. three services. now, pastor, you know about cash for clunkers, so, i think you've developed the first cash for sinners program in the world. did anybody object in the church about your money give away and has it had a positive effect in terms of changing people's lives? >> yeah, you know what? it's just basically a love gift to people. so no, i didded there has not been-- hasn't been that much about it at the end teaching people out to get out of debt.
7:48 am
we're blessing people, our seats are numbered and pull the seat and whatever is in the box what we've been giving away. we've given away thousands of dollars already and today we're continuing. we have three services today and it's just been a fun thing. it's tied up traffic. packed the church out. got people to church that normally won't go and so it's taken us all by surprise. >> from the pictures-- >> just using a-- >> go ahead. >> just using, i mean, we just tried to use kind of the same thing that oprah did with, okay, well, did that work for her to promote and let's put something in the box. >> we've got it pastor dan. looks like happy parishioners there we appreciate it. good luck to you. >> praise the lord, pastor dan. >> ever day since the iraq war started in 2003, a group made it their mission to see the troops off and welcome them home. >> you walk down the ramp and see the first people there and
7:49 am
you know, everyone starts getting like this. >> welcome home, heroes. >> welcome home. >> we'll talk to one of those unsung heroes, it's an inspirational story you don't want to miss next.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> since the beginning of the iraq war in 2003. more than 900,000 troops have flown in and out of the bangor international airport in maine and a group of dedicated volunteers made it their mission to see these men and women off and to greet them when they return. a new documentary called the way we get by, is the story of some of these troop greeters. take a look. >> it's really a great, great thing to finally be able to be back home and then to be greeted by people that we don't even know and yet, they're still thanking us for
7:53 am
doing what we can. >> and appreciate it. >> and you don't know how much we appreciate you guys. >> we appreciate you guys more. >> that's jerry monday and he's one of the greeters and is the subject in the film. with him is the director and one of the sons of the troop greeters. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you. >> jerry, we watch in the film you get up sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes in the dead of winter with snow all over the ground and you make your way to the airport to greet tease troops. why do you do it? >> i do it because i love them. and i feel privileged to be among them and it's an honor to greet them and tell them that we wish them the best on the way over and to welcome them back and thank them for their service. >> aaron, you got involved in making this film because your
7:54 am
mom, joan is one of the troop greeters that we follow. she says in the documentary she's become addicted to going to the airport, explain that to us. >> yeah, you know what, i think for a lot of people that may have retired and they're seniors and you know, they might not have the purpose in their life that they're looking for and then you know, you see that where they could be sitting home looking for something to do or they could be out there greeting the troops where every single flight that comes in, when those troops come down the ramp, it's an instant adrenalin rush. >> jerry, explain to us how this has changed your life. >> it's, i can't count the ways that it's changed my life. it's just an awesome experience. i had no idea that when peter and aaron started to do this filming it would turn out like this and i've had so many opportunities since they started filming, but most of all, just greeting the troops
7:55 am
gives you something to do to say thank you to men and women who are putting it all out there for us, you know? >> jerry, you've become something of a rock star since the documentary has come to light. >> yeah, true. >> you and your fellow troop greeters, i know, have gotten an incredible response wherever this has been screened and aaron, these guys are so humble, all the troop greeters, jerry and your mom. but tell us what the troops have said about them and how important it is to the troops to see them when they come home at the airport. >> yeah, i mean, i think they kind of argue with the greeters about who is more appreciative, you know, and i think it means so much to the troops. i think they hit that ramp and they see all of the greeters and it's like that weight's lifted and it's pretty emotional to see, i think it means the world to them and we hear that, you know, they get back home and the first thing they tell their parents or their girlfriend or husband
7:56 am
or, you know, is what happened to them in bangor maine. >> well, the movie is really special, it's called the way we get by. it premiers on pbs on veterans day. i highly recommend it. and thanks to both of you for bringing this important and special group of people to light for the rest of us. >> absolutely. thank you. >> you're welcome, thank you. >> thank you, aly. the landmark health care reform bill passed overnight, but one part calls for, listen to this, vending machines to disclose calories on the food inside. vending machines. we really ought to tell us how bad junk food is for us? and some new information this morning about women when they should get a mammogram. you'll want to sting around for that information. "fox & friends" back in two minutes. m strong like the ox. i crush you like tiny clown car. because you are... ...clown, yes?
7:57 am
female valve: come, you hit me again and i break you. male valve: oh, you messed with wrong pipe now, car. ha, ha trust me...i have to live with her. announcer:accidents are bad. but geico's good with guaranteed repairs through auto repair express.
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7:59 am
>> good morning everyone. it's sunday, november 8th. we start with a fox news alert for you, because while you were sleeping, the house narrowly passed a historic health reform bill. . >> the bill is passed. >> all right. we have to tell you what went on during them, during the debate and now, all eyes are on the senate. will they follow suit with this? >> plus, this morning, the accused shooter at fort hood is off his ventilator. so when will we find out what really happened? new details are going to be coming up this hour. >> also, a nine-year-old boy
8:00 am
stops a carjacker. what a story we have for you coming up. his heroic story? just a bit. you're watching "fox & friends," our stories comes from james in fort myers, florida. spring training for you guys. >> yes. >> delivering hard news without the bias. we're "fox & friends." go on and try us. >> "fox & friends." >> hey, good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us early. we have so much to talk about today. in a minute we'll get to what happened overnight while were you sleeping on capitol hill. >> yeah. >> a historic health care bill vote, but here is peter johnson, sr. >> fworng good morning, hi. >> we're happy to have you here for many reasons. you're professional and bought breakfast. >> you're watching if-- >> all right. in the meantime, we also have, i think, a big bombshell medical story for you, the new york times had an article this
8:01 am
past week that will change what you believe about getting mammograms. how old you're supposed to be, how often you're supposed to be getting them. we have an expert here to talk about the new guidelines. >> boy, this is something we ought to pay attention to. >> and women out there are curious. >> it changes everything you've been taught. in the meantime. >> we start with while you were sleeping of course, the house narrowly passes that historic health care reform bill. following to the senate. will they follow suit? caroline, good morning to you, it was a very late night on capitol hill, huh? >> it sure was, 11:15 when this thing got done, dave. democrats passed that health care reform bill with 220 yes votes. listen to the cheers he when they reached 218 the bare minimum for passage (cheer
8:02 am
(cheers) >> cheers for ten year, 2000 page 1.2 trillion dollar measure that's a sweeping overhaul of our health care system. 219 democrats voted for the bill and so did one republican. congressman joseph gow, a first termer who holds an overwhelmingly democratic seat. that's a look inside. and opponents held a rally outside the capitol in the afternoon. at one point two congressmen unrolled a large roll of paper, unfurled it up the steps and never made it inside. back to you guys in new york. >> wow, what a night there. >> it was, wasn't it? >> you could feel the republicans sitting quietly with their hands folded in their lapse while the others erupted. >> the shenanigans on the house floor something to remember. we'll talk about that in a bit. one piece of legislation in this bill, surprising, peter, something about calories being
8:03 am
posted on of all things, vending machines, which no one goes to a vending machine for an apple. >> yeah, i mean, there should be a sign a vending machine should say all very bad food for you. >> what exactly is the requirement? >> under the house bill there will ab requirement there will be a posting of the caloric content and nutritional guidelines on the vending machine and also requirement on chap restaurants like mcdonald's, burger king. >> already got that. >> federally, 20 or more. >> and a lot of people are getting upset about this whole emphasis. there's something called the fat pride community. and there are different advocacy organizations that are saying, enough of this concentration in terms of health care on people who may be overweight. they're saying it's really overstated and they're being discriminated against. don't pick on us for the america's health care problems. >> you know, it's interesting, i mean, some people say the nancy state gone amok, because
8:04 am
do you need calorie counts to know that that cinnabon is bad for you. >> i love it the calorie counts at starbucks and other places changed my life, changed my life. >> you want it on vending machines. >> yes. >> what about a little personal responsibility, because you go to a vending machine and go, hmm, does the fritos or the cookies have more calories. >> yes. >> i do. >> you do? >> are the sun chips healthier for you or the petsles, i need to know. >> salt versus sugar, a lot of salt or sugar rnths now on every package they have the calories posted on every package, now it's on every bag of chips. >> you can't get to the back of the back of the package. >> why should i spend a dollar to find out the information, right? >> i love it. >> it's going to cost, one industry group says it's going to cost 56 million dollars just to prepare for the upcoming legislation. >> that's a bummer. >> i think this is too far. >> they could hand write it on
8:05 am
a piece of paper for me and tape it on the vending machine. i don't need it to cost 56 million, but it's helped me honestly, it's helped me at fast food restaurants and starbucks. >> i'm with you there. >> and i see. so a danish is 600 calories. i guess i'm not going to get that this morning. >> i'm with you there, but vending machines, there are millions and millions of these things spread across the country. that just seems like an awful lot of work for the small businesses who own vending machines in the country. >> helps people make choice. another added tax. >> and orange juice, it may have the same caloric content and sugar content as soda. >> do your homework, i don't need to post everything. do your homework. >> don't post it for me, post it. >> for me, too. >> we want it posted, come on, dave. >> i coulding wrong, let us know. >> meanwhile, we have to tell you the latest update on that horrible fort hood tragedy. this morning, the suspected shooter is off of a ventilator and this is very significant because perhaps he can start
8:06 am
talking and so rare, guys after one of the pass murderers, the suspect is still alive. >> right. >> so, they-- >> we're told he was dead. the army told us for many hours that he was dead. we thought he was dead, which is generally how these tragedies end up. this one is still alive. so, we may be able to get to the bottom of a motive and what caused him to go on this horrible spree. >> we're also learning about another officer who came to the rescue of those under attack, not just kimberly munley, the female mother of two horror owe who came to rescue the troops, but also, sergeant mark todd, who is 42 years old, another civilian police officer. he was a former soldier, a retired soldier, so, another guy that has not been talked about, helping kimberly munley and those are the two heroes that have come out of the story that saved, who knows, maybe dozens of lives. >> oh, i mean, this is-- they are two tremendous heroes and police officer munley had
8:07 am
apparently been wounded and continued to return fire. it's unknown who actually struck the alleged assailant here, but in a 45 second compressed event outside of this facility, they brought him down. >> yeah. >> they brought him down. >> here is what's interesting, the army is-- seems to be suggesting that the guy just snapped. that he had gotten some good work reviews from his superiors, that he had been friendly with his colleagues, and he just snapped. well, it behooves him to say that because otherwise would suggest they missed a lot of red flags, such as, some people reported he gave a classroom preparation that seemed to justify suicide bombings. that would be a red flag. that he said that muslims should rise up against the opressors, meaning the u.s. soldiers. >> right, that he told his patients to be against the wars in iraq and afghanistan. there was a doctor who worked with him that said in retrospect, i'm not surprised
8:08 am
he did this. he says, something is wrong with the system here that they didn't recognize all the signs from hasan. as he went throughout. >> there seems to be a synchronicity between the government's approach, the army's approach ap the lawyer who's going to help major hasan. somehow post traumatic stress disorder for a man who never went overseas, who never saw military service in temps of engaging in battle, that somehow, post traumatic stress caused him to snap. when we know that there's a history of reports being made to the army with regard to so-called quote, anti-american propaganda and other conduct that raised tremendous flags. so, when you see stories now and i've never seen these types of stories, about the tremendous stresses on health care providers and tremendous stresses on our troops and our soldiers and the suicide rate.
8:09 am
this is not a suicide. this is a murder. this is 13 murders and 30 attempted murders. >> appears pre-meditated. >> i wish the government would give us information what actually went on here, all it does is create confusions and bothers a lot of americans. >> we'll let you know if he starts talking this morning. in the meantime, i have other headlines for you. start with a fox news alert. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a deadly car bombing at a market in northwest pakistan. the blast killed 12, including the mayor of a small town who was organizing a militia to fight the taliban. dozens more were hurt, but some happened in the city and people were shopping for an upcoming muslim holiday. new video of hillary clinton just arriving in berlin. the first stop on a european and asian trip. in berlin, clinton will give a speech and participate in celebrations to mark the 21st anniversary of the fall of the
8:10 am
wall and then it's off to singapore and china where north korea and iran are once again expect today dominate the discussion. a suspect in the shooting death of a seattle policeman is being described by police as a lone domestic terrorist. christopher montfort was suspected of fire coming police vehicles. and let's check with rick for weather. >> this is hurricane ida, the track of the storm, possibly getting back up to a category 2 storm. right here toward the central gulf and then it becomes, we call it extra tropical, not quite a tropical storm. the strongest wind get away from the center of the storm and a couple of things, high pressure off parts of the east and combined with the pressure gradient will be tight and basically means we will be away from the center of the storm and talking about strong winds, monday, tuesday, wednesday, across parts of the gulf and we will be talking about rough surf and a lot of rain, probably in towards the
8:11 am
central gulf. across parts of the west, till sting to see this on shore flow and mountain rain and pacific northwest, past that much of the country looking nice for your day today. in fact, look at the temperatures. how is this, 76 and it's november in kansas city. 69 in chicago, plenty of sunshine across the eastern part of the country and a good day to enjoy, tomorrow, very nice although we drop temperatures across the gulf. 69 in atlanta. not that bad. >> customers of one bank will no longer get a free ride. citibank says it will start charging customers will the checking account dips below $1500. the fees could be $90 a year. previously citi waived the fees for anybody that had direct deposit or paid bills online. the health care reform bill barely passed. what does it mean for the senate's bill? will they get a measure through?
8:12 am
chris wallace is here to weigh in on that next. >> et ceteit's reported that th who caused the historic crash on the parkway smoked pot every day. why is her husband saying otherwise? we'll talk to judge pirro about that case. ale nt
8:13 am
thaveayci y t od tha nty wa branme faf aiz leh ii grnt faf aiz ked kalm
8:14 am
leh ii eas sh dcaro,t faf aiz ep wutbyd oll ked kalm f f aiz faf aiz ep wutbyd oll ked brthme f f aiz >> mr. speaker, i ask unanimous. >> i object, i object, i object. >> the request is not yet before the house. >> mr. speaker, parliamentary inquiry. >> the gentleman is not recognized. the gentle woman from california is yielded to. >> mr. speak are, i ask unanimous. >> i object, i object, i
8:15 am
object. >> and before the-- >> i'm telling you, these went straight comedy. it was "saturday night live" on the floor of the house. and the house was-- >> i object. >> going to get me fired up. the house was. >> i object. >> able to pass. >> object. >> a version of the health care reform bill, you're driving me nuts by a margin of 220 to 215. >> i object to you right now. but health care reform still has a long road before it gets to the president's desk. what is the next step. >> i object. >> fox news sunday host chris wallace joins us now. >> help me, chris. >> chris, what was going on there. tell us about some of the shenanigans on the way to the bill. >> look, there's an old saying that watching legislation being passed is like watching sausage being made and i think that's unfair to sausage makers because it's a messy business. despite the shenanigans, let's talk about the lack of bipartisanship that the
8:16 am
president did promise. we did have one republican vote for the bill, but appears he wants reelection and he has 60% democratic district. what happened to pie bipartisanship, any chance as we go to the senate? no, i mean, bipartisanship may even one member in the house conceivably one or two in the senate. there was talk back in the spring passing a health care bill or trying to pass one in the senate, foips, for 80 votes. 20 republicans. that's been long gone and look, i think that the white house with the democrats have decided, yeah, we wanted bipartisanship, it isn't going to work and now we are going to try to ram it through. >> chris, this is kind of a squeaker, this vote, wasn't it? does it indicate, i mean, it indicates deep divisions in the country over whether this policy should go forward, doesn't it? >> yeah, it does. and 39 democrats voted against it. you know, they only had two votes to spare. having said that they movie had more votes in their pockets and well have known this is an old trick up on
8:17 am
capitol hill, i covered the house for a couple of years. they may have had five more votes, but when they realized they had enough to pass it they said to some moderate or conservative democrats in republican leaning districts, you know what, this is a tough vote for you, vote against us, we don't need you and you can live to play another day. but, it does show that there is great divisions about this, great divisions about the cost of it, about the mandates on both individual to get health insurance, on small businesses to provide insurance. and real questions about whether it's going to work. so, you know, look, this has been a long, tough, messy process and we're nowhere near the completion. i mean, it's essential that it get through the house and now you've got to go through the senate and they have a much tougher battle in the senate because there you don't need 51 votes you need 60 votes, a super majority to avoid a republican filibuster. >> let's turn our attention away from health care for a moment to afghanistan. what's the latest with this? when will the president come
8:18 am
out with a decision? >> well, we don't know. there's an old saying at the white house, those who know aren't talking and those who do don't know. it seems to be after the president takes the ten day trip to asia. so we're looking at just around thanksgiving for a monument of this and look, the president has decided and in the end i'm not sure the speed is as important as whether or not he makes the right decision, but the president decided he really wants to drill down deep into this, some would say, micromanage. he is now talking about what is the political situation in and the military situation in each province of afghanistan. there are some people who said this is like lyndon johnson trying to monitor each bombing run in vietnam in the '60's. but he has gotten into the weaves on this and feels what he needs to do as commander-in-chief. >> we're running out of time, chris. do you think there's any correlation between getting health care passed in the and later making a
8:19 am
decision with afghanistan. does that make it any different? >> there are some people that suggest look, he needed all the liberals to support him on health care reform so perhaps he delayed a vote on afghanistan, if he is a going to send tens of thousands more troops that would alienate some liberals he needed for health care, i don't know whether that's true or not. let me just say coming up on fox news sunday on the fox, we'll talk about health care and with two, talking with the government elect of virginia, bob mcdonnell, a lot of people say he has the formula, the blueprint how republicans can win in 2010 and also talking to joe lieberman head of homeland security committee about whether he is going to conduct an investigation into why actions weren't taken, intervention, with this army major hasan, who has so loudly setting off alarm bells for months before the terrible massacre at fort hood. should be a great show.
8:20 am
chris wallace. >> watch. >> check your local listings for fox news sunday. we appreciate it. >> thank you, guys. >> coming up on our show, a surprising study when women should get a mammogram and which women and how often. this really changes everything that you thought you knew about breast cancer screenings. so stick around for that. >> and what makes a good man? we'll hear from two authors who spoke with men from all walks of life and say they just might have the answer to that question. >> oh, good, i will be sticking around for this. >> you will, that's straight ahead. ale nt
8:21 am
thaveayci y t od tha nty wa branme faf aiz leh ii grnt faf aiz ked kalm leh ii eas sh dcaro,t faf aiz ep wutbyd oll ked kalm f f aiz faf aiz ep wutbyd oll ked brthme f f aiz
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> well, an article in the latest journal of the american medical association is calling into question everything we've been taught about mammograms, who should get them and when. dr. jennifer wall don is the
8:24 am
clinical instructor of surgery specializing in breast surgery at lan gone medical center. thank you for being here. thank you. >> new york times ran an article last week that seems to change everything that we've been taught about when to get mammograms. generally, as you know, they start when you're 40 and get them every year until the end of your life we've always been told. right. >> here is the bombshell according to a breast surgeon at university of california. let me read for everyone what this said in the new article. women over 70 or 75, can stop being screened because no studies have shown that it helps them. evidence was also lacking for a benefit in screening women from 40 years old to 50 unless they have a strong family history of breast cancer or a mutation in the gene called brca which greatly increases the risk. we don't have to get them until after 50 now? >> these researchers have raised the debate that the incidents of breast cancer has gone up with early screening
8:25 am
and mammograms, that the incidents of late stage cancers has not declined so the american cancer society and says we've overstated the benefits of screening mammography and overtreated and missing deadly cancers so the doctor is basically saying that this test needs to be perfected so we can pick up more deadly cancers and not overtreat women. now, people that are older than 70 generally have slow growing tumors that aren't going the cause of their death. maybe not every year for those ladies and people under 50 are getting overtreated and biopsies and not going to have the range that 50 to 70 have. >> are you saying, for everyone listening under 50 years old they can stop getting the annual mammogram? >> no, i wouldn't say that right now. my mom as life was saved by a screening mammogram one year to the next. >> how old was she. >> in her late 60's so she
8:26 am
fell in that group. while we're perfecting that program and looking for sophisticated ways to define tumor biology, what tumor is aggressive and what is slow, we don't know right now so we have to treat breast cancer when we find it. well nthat case we need to continue to do mammography as the american cancer society recommended if you do it lowers your chances of dying by breast cancer by 24%. breast cancer basically can kill people and screening mammography saves over a thousand lives every year. >> are we exposing women 40 to 50 who may not be served by too much radiation right now? >> the radiation is a small factor, but a lot of it is overtreating and doing more surgery and more biopsies than is needed in this age group and the psychological angst of getting followed and remammogramed every six months or every one year, once you get a certain classification on your mammogram. and that's where we can become more sophisticated with our screening program. >> it sounds like what you're telling women right now, don't
8:27 am
change anything yet. >> right. >> keep an ear to the ground for the changes and talk to your doctor? >> exactly. and evaluate your own risk. are you postmenopausal and taking hormones, had children late in life. do you have a family history of breast cancer and do you have dense breasts? those factors should only be analyzed between an individual and her treat physician. >> all right, doctor, thanks for coming in and explaining this to us. meanwhile, in the wake of the horrific shooting at fort hood. what could happen next to the suspected gunman? we'll explore that head and a husband of the woman who allegedly caused that horrible crash on the parkway here in new york denies that she abused drugs and alcohol. is he in denial or more to this story coming up.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." looks who's here. >> good morning. >> judge pirro, good to see you, the lady in red. >> thank you. >> so much to talk about this morning, including let's start with what happened at fort hood, the tragic shooting. as we look at this, and peter was discussing this earlier. it appears throughout the process various warning signs were missed repeatedly throughout, as this man, hasan, was even promoted. what have they missed and how can we prevent this in the future? >> well, i think that the military has to be responsible for the people who work in the employ of the government and the american people. number one, at walter reed he had a very poor performance
8:31 am
record. he had difficulties there which required that he be counseled. >> here is a guy who is supposed to counsel the military personnel and's got his own issue. as we peel back the layers of the onion he had some apparently anti-american sentiment and believed that suicide bombers should be reverred, according to his website. like having the enemy within us and given his beliefs, given his objection and his opposition to the wars in iraq ap afghanistan, how do we have have this guy among us and not understand he is a danger to the other military paern. >> it appears there's been a pity party facilitated for this guy, a fellow who never served in active duty on the battlefield is now somehow vicariously traumatized and the government didn't know, the army didn't know although reports that they did and somehow he just snapped and we didn't know that he was going to snap and you know, suicide is a big problem and our
8:32 am
soldiers have a lot of problems and this is ptsd and maybe it's an insanity. >> peter, you and i both know this is not post traumatic stress syndrome. the guy never served in the armed services, if he wants to kill himself. kill yourself. you don't take military personnel with you. he said he didn't want to shoot civilians, he said allah is great, whatever he said at the end of it. this is clearly an anti-american. it's like having a cop on the police force who believes that criminals should be revered. >> is this an act of terrorism? >> oh, i absolutely believe it's an act of terrorism. the guy is against the war, he thinks that you know, the muslims should rise up against the infidels, who are the infidels? we are the infidels and killing military personnel. i don't think there's any question about it, the paper trail is there, peter, we've got to find out who knew? he's got terrible records. legally we know that the government cannot be sued. the military is off the hook and fbi with the internet
8:33 am
postings did not open up an official investigation. >> why, why. >> the death penalty should be on the table, they had to prove premeditation for the military or state to apply the dealt penalty here. >> this looks premeditated to me as i'm surrounded by legal minds. >> it's tough to call, the person that makes that decision with be having more facts than we did. >> premeditation, he gave away according to published reports, all of his possessions, his mattress, his koran, boom box to the woman next door. >> and the frozen broccoli, are you sick of hearing he's a nice guy. >> he was being deployed the end of november. did he need a bed to sleep in the night he killed these people allegedly? >> the real test here is his anti-american sentiment, his fact that he-- his belief that he thought that we were basically the enemy. >> why isn't the government all over this? why aren't they saying that--
8:34 am
>> maybe the warning factors were all there. it's hard to admit you were wrong. >> we've got to talk about another story as we switch gears. the mom in the tragic accident where the kids were killed. police report found she was both drunk and high on marijuana now comes out that the sister-in-law of the mom says she actually smoked pot on a daily basis at night after the kids had gone to bed. but the husband continues to deny that they ever saw her drunk, that she did smoke pot that much. why? could he be sued here? is that what's at play? >> there's foe question that there is a civil lawsuit and the bastardy family already hired a family to do that, but it's shocking when the husband comes out and says she did not drink, she was not an alcoholic, i never saw her drink since the day i met her. we know that's an out and out lie. she had two times the legal limit of alcohol. she had marijuana in her system and that's why people have been calling for a grand jury investigation.
8:35 am
what are the facts? what did we know? eight people are dead here and although the charges may have, you know, gone with the driver when she died, hogwash, if the husband and the family members knew, then we've got a wreckless endangerment here, a grand jury report. >> so you're saying that potentially, potentially there could be criminal liability if anyone was involved in these deaths? >> did he know that she was drunk when she left the camp site? we know the husband has lied. we know that he's trying to cover up for his wife. absolutely untrue everything he said so far. get him grand jury and put him under oath. >> exhume the body. why is the family interested in exhuming the body. >> the family says she wasn't drunk, didn't have alcohol in her system, she took am sol for a sore tooth. too many people died,
8:36 am
children. one of the worst accidents we've seen in history. >> quite a story. >> thanks very much, jump, we appreciate it. >> janine pirro. >> passionate this morning as always. >> thanks, guys, i have your headlines. somali pirates are stepping up threats against the british couple kidnapped on their yacht 16 days ago and the pirates say they would be punished unless the commanders after german warships allowed seven fellow pirates to go free. paul and rachel chandler are held in a village north of the somalian capital of mogadishu pt and the company was seized october 23rd while sailing. at a private service to be held this morning in buffalo for the families whose loved ones aboard flight 3407. that was the air flight that crashed into a house just northeast of buffalo in february. 49 people in the air and one person on the ground were killed. hundreds of family members are being flown in from around the world for that service. the supreme court is about to hear a major case on juvenile
8:37 am
justice, at issue is whether life sentences for crimes other than murder are cruel and unusual punishment. the case has been brought by joe sullivan and terrence graham, both are serving life behind bars for crimes they committed while teenagers. one for rape, the other for armed robbery. their supporters say their sentences are way too harsh, but opponents say the punishment fits the crime. the teen who ran away from chemo treatments is reportedly cancer-free. 13-year-old daniel hauser finished the last radiation this weekend. he sparked a nationwide search when he ran away saying chemo was against his religion. the court ordered he finish the treatment. a nine-year-old west virginia boy is hailed a hero for fighting off a carjacker. they were sitting in the car while mom went into a convenience store when the carjacker struck. >> and somebody just came and opened the door and tried to-- he told me to got out, but i
8:38 am
didn't get out and ripped the keys out of the ignition and had them like this, and then he kind of-- he banged my head against the door and then he got out and started running and then ran across the street. >> oh, boy. medford was not hurt and the suspect jonathan martin has been charged with grand larceny and kidnapping. good for that little boy! dave, tell us what's happening in sports. >> and a good week for the naval academy. it's been first the u.s.s. new york commissioned, right here in new york. as you would imagine. and then the football team goes into south bend and beats the heavily favored irish of motor dame. november 23-21 win over and should put an end to the irish bcs plans. that's the second time in three years they have won at notre dame. and outgained the irish by nearly 300 yards on the ground. at stanford another huge upset. cardinals 52-41 over 8th
8:39 am
ranked oregon who hammered usc. 251 yards. two t.d.'s, a good day for the girls as they beat the boys again upon the track. >> inside, and right there, and this is unbelievable! zenyatta what a prchlerformance we'll never forget. >> girl power. goes from last to first to capture the breeders cup classic at santa anita and wins her 14th straight race. it's the first time a female horse has within the breeders cup. should mention in college football, alabama, florida, texas all win for the bcs top three unchanged and the folks down in alabama awfully thrilled this morning. let's check with rick a look at the football pick. i hope the standings improved. talk about girl power. >> yeah, baby! >> oh, no. >> yeah.
8:40 am
>> although alisyn you went 0 for 4 last week. >> well, getting a little tighter here. >> i see. >> tightening up and clayton getting back up here i think he went 4-0. so this week is what it's about. if you want to watch some football or go to football today. absolutely spectacular most of the country. 62 degrees all right. here is the game. >> how did that happen. >> the weather or-- >> because we live in new york. >> pressure from the floor crew, you know? they're scary, right? show them. and i mean, the giants sweatshirt here. we're split here, and philadelphia, cowboys, alisyn i'm going to start following you from now on. >> do that. >> and i pick against clayton every week. you're with clayton. >> no, i took dallas. >> so did clayton. >> you both did. >> he took against his team. >> that's not right. >> here we all picked baltimore and cincinnati game. another baufldy, 66 degrees and metropolitan night football not looking bad weather-wise and 40 degrees also and i'm the only one who
8:41 am
went against. >> my cuff links. >> 42 degrees. >> you don't go against the bronco cuff links. >> give me some bronco cuff links. >> why don't you bet those cuff links. >> i like that idea. >> you have the cuff links, i have the blog, the blog actually outsourced my picks and find it at room. and coming up, you're such a die-hard sports fan. coming up unemployment rate at 10.2%, highest since 1983. will the bad economy be president obama's legacy. can he reverse it? we talk with a senior writer with the wall street journal next. ale nt
8:42 am
thaveayci y t od tha nty wa branme faf aiz leh ii grnt faf aiz ked kalm leh ii eas sh dcaro,t faf aiz ep wutbyd oll ked kalm f f aiz faf aiz ep wutbyd oll ked brthme f f aiz
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> good morning, we're back on "fox & friends" at 44 minutes after the hour. despite the passing of president obama's stimulus bill in march, americans unemployment rate has continued to climb, reaching a staggering 10.2% last month. so will a failed economy be the president's legacy and what can he do to reverse this trend? here with a take on this, extremely important issue is senior economic writer for the wall street journal. steven moore. good morning, steve. >> hi, peter, by the way is alisyn at good at picking stocks as she is at picking football teams? i need some advice on my portfolio.
8:45 am
>> unfortunately, no. >> okay. steve, the effect of unemployment rates is actually 17 1/2%. >> yes. >> and explain to us what that means? >> well, that mens that you know, peter when they do the surveys and call people up and say are you unemployed the first thing they ask are you looking for a job. if air not looking for a job they don't count you as unemployed. the truth is so many people look at the labor market right now and see that businesses aren't hiring and say, hell no, i'm not looking for a job there aren't any jobs and when you include those people the unemployment rate as you said is closer to 17 or 18% the highest we've seen in almost 30 years. >> well, what went wrong in terms of the stimulus plan and what need to be done to right this ship of states and in fact, in some states, the effective rate is even 20%. >> that's right. >> what needs to be done and what went wrong? >> well, i think the stimulus plan clearly has been a very, very expensive failure, we spent over 300 billion of that money already. and as you said, the unemployment rate has gone up every month and it was
8:46 am
supposed to be as low as 8%. that's what the barack obama administration had promised. if we passed that system plus bill. instead, we have unemployment rate over 10% receiight now. what i say we ought to use the money we haven't spent in the failed stimulus plan for things that create jobs like small business tax cuts and want to raise another point if i could. if you look at the vote on the dreadful health care bill let's not forget that one of the worst features of the bill is mainly new taxes on small businesses. on payroll tax and income tax that small businesses have to pay. if priority number one, peter, is creating jobs. that health care bill is a job killer. >> thank you. steve moore, the wall street journal, always with great insight. thanks for having us today, steve. >> thanks so much. >> now, my favorite stock picker and game picker, alisyn camerota. >> you're in trouble in that case. all right, just ahead, what does it take to be a good father or even a good man? up next, we have two authors
8:47 am
who went after that answer. they talked to men of all walks of life and we'll tell you what they found out next. ♪ what a man, what a mighty good man ♪ .
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> secretary of state hillary clinton has arrived in berlin as she starts a trip to europe and asia. while in berlin clinton will give a speech at participating celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. she'll also talk about afghanistan, iran, north korea, with german leaders. dave? >> thank you, sir. our next guest made it their mission to get guys to start talking.
8:51 am
they compiled stories about man hood. what it takes to be a great father, a great husband, even, a great american. alisyn. here is a sample. we have our 8th anniversary tomorrow. >> yeah. >> we're expecting our second child. >> baby number two. >> a boy who is kicking as we speak. >> as we speak. >> actually kicking my hand. we have a daughter, three-year-old daughter asleep upstairs and baby boy, kid number two coming. >> and survived boot camp. >> survived marriage boot camp. >> and james and tom are co-editors of the good men project, real stories from the front lines of modern man hood, a new book and film, guys, welcome. >> thanks for having us on. >> our pleasure, we can't wait to hear about your finding. you interviewed men from all walks of life, rich, poor, sports stars, service members, were there some common threads that you found about man hood? >> yeah, so, we actually, it
8:52 am
wasn't so much we interviewed them. we actually had 31 men from all walks of life contribute essays to our books and ten of those are in our documentary film both of which are now out and available on amazon and on our website, good men and all we found was that across the country, man hood is up for grabs at a turning point and for men, you know, being a good father, being a good son, being a good husband and being a good worker, it's something that we're all thinking about and trying to figure out as the economy, as the, you know, has created job losses as we're fighting in the wars and trying to live up to the responsibilities as fathers and as husbands. >> yeah, 70% i think of the layoffs in this recession have been met. james, let me ask you, as alisyn said, is there a common thread when you look at the 31 essays and the 10 examples in your book from something men all agreed upon that there's
8:53 am
one thing that requires to be a good man? >> well, i think that's what's been so interesting for us, is in fact. everybody expects us to come up with the answer and there really is no good answer about what being a good man is all about. it's what everybody-- i think the real issue is men actually taking the time to sit down and think about what that means for them. and i mean, as tom alluded to, we have stories and these essay and the dvd from guys from all walks of life and the thing that's so inspiring to me is that despite the differences in all of our stories, despite the differences and the challenges we face or the choices we make, there's an essential sameness about all of our experiences and so for us, what this has really been about is the celebration of personal narrative as a way to recognize our shared humanity. >> and you know, it's no secret that women are much more comfortable talking about
8:54 am
themselves and about emotion as evidenced by oprah and her success. so how hard was it to get men to open up? >> so, that's actually really interesting because one of our, one of our hypothesis which i think has become evidently true with the reaction we're getting to the book and dvd is that you know, women have a very developed sense of emotional vocabulary and men don't necessarily talk the same way although the issues are very similar. i mean, women for 25 years have been working on their, you know, liberation and on this idea that we have, that women have expectations that are in conflict. men actually have the same set of issues, but you know, we are typically silent and we don't want to scare men off thinking they had to use the same female vocabulary and end up on oprah's couch and crying their eyes out. the story is real men talking about real issues, whether someone from the 82nd airborne coming from iraq or a father
8:55 am
in iowa taking custody of his seven-year-old daughter or a son losing his father to alzheimer's, that real stories that are told with brutal honesty are something that men react to. and can listen to and can then be inspired and informed as to what it is as james was mentioning, what it means to be a good man, a good father, a good husband and there is no one answer yet, these stories allow each individual man and frankly, women, because women have just as much at stake here as men, to come up with their own answers. >> james, where can we get more information? >> well, we have our book and dvd are both available on or on our own website, which is good men and encourage everybody to go there. we have lots of other-- lots of essays, a great blog and also information about a
8:56 am
foundation we've set up where all proceeds from the book and dvd will go. >> we will check all of that out. james and tom, thanks for coming on and sharing your findings with us. >> thank you for having us on. good to be with you. >> a landmark health care bill passed the house with only one republican voting for it. what happened to the bipartisan support that president obama promised on the campaign trail? >> and one state is trying to ban towns from declawing cats. that cat fight in three that cat fight in three minutes. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> alisyn: sunday, 2340e68,"fo, passed the landmark health care bill but not without shan gans. >> she asked to come here today to say she doesn't want the government to take over health care. >> alisyn: did she really ask that! how did lawmakers get through this? we'll sell you. >> this morning, new information about the two people who took down the accused shooter, at fort hood. who are they, we'll tell you, coming up. >> dave: and one might say this dog dances better than... me! probably does. and, dancing the salsa, what is going on here? more on that story, coming up. you're watching "fox & friends,"
9:00 am
our slogan good morning comes from mark mine former home of tulsa, oklahoma i go to bed early, so extra early, i can rise after pouring my morning coffee i think get a fox and a friend surprise! whose the fox! >> you are watching "fox & friends.".. >> alisyn: okay. good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us, welcome to peter johnson, jr. sitting in for clayton today. >> nice! nice! >> alisyn: bingo! >> thank you very much! >> alisyn: so, the politicians on capitol hill were burning the midnight oil last night, up until at least 11:15, with the historic vote, when it happened, we'll tell you more about what went on yesterday. on the house floor. >> dave: as nancy pelosi said, oh, what a night and we start with the accused shooter at fort hood, who is off his ventilator, this morning.
9:01 am
how long before we find out what caused that tragic shooting that left 13 people dead? chris gutierrez joins us live from fort hood texas, what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning to you guys, there are 17 people still hospitalized this morning, 9 of whom war in intensive care and we learned overnight, 170 people, witnesses and those who are actually wounded, have already been interviewed bit fbi and the texas rangers, the investigative unit of the texas department of public safety and i want to pull in michael spikes, an army chaplain stationed at fort hood and works across the street at the darnell medical facility on post and you have had an opportunity to visit with those who are wounded and i know you cannot give us specifics, but can you tell us their spirits and how they are doing and what they are saying. >> obviously we have been through a horrible incident. but the spirits are high and they are improving every day. it is amazing to see how far we have come in just a few days. >> when you are visiting with these folks, do they have
9:02 am
questions for you? are you there to listen? describe how that takes place. >> we are mainly there to listen and to help them in the spiritual journey. we believe whenever there is any kind of a wounding that it is going to impact a person physically, emotionally and spiritually and as chaplains our role is to try and help them with the spiritual healing and the journey to give them the means by which they can bounce back, spiritually. >> and thank you for your time and we should point out, there are several services on post scheduled this morning and later on today and the surrounding community here, the community -- if you are not specifically working or know someone who works on post you certainly do know someone who works on post, a tight military community here. >> alisyn: and there is no word on whether or not the suspected shooter is actually able to talk. >> reporter: great question, we put the question out and they are not telling us whether or
9:03 am
not he's able to communicate, he's in icu and off the ventilator. >> alisyn: live for us, thank you. >> a day for prayer with regard to our fallen soldiers and their families, while you slept the house passed legislation to expand health care coverage and the president expects the senate to follow suit. caroline shivley has the latest from washington. caroline. >> reporter: good morning, peter. late last night the democrats pushed through the health care reform bill with two votes to spare. listen to supporters as speaker nancy pelosi reads this final results. >> they gave their -- ayes 220, 215:the bill is passed. [cheers and applause]. >> alisyn: it is for a ten-year, 2,000 page, $1.2 trillion measure a sweeping overhaul of the health care system and 219 democrats voted for the bill and so did one republican and here's part of the battle hope to house floor yesterday: >> i predict it will be as we go
9:04 am
forward, as strong and popular as social security. medicare. >> it is incredible that today, this house may pass a jobs-killing, tax-hiking, deficit-exploding government takeover of our health care. >> alisyn: president obama made congratulations calls after the vote to democrats and now the action heads for the senate where they will not take up their bill until next month and could be next year before a final vote in congress. back to you guys in new york. >> thanks. >> >> dave: that you say and if you missed it, if you were not sitting at home watching c-span. >> alisyn: like you normally are. >> dave: we hope you weren't and basically what happened, it was "saturday night live" and there was comedy on the house floor. shenanigans took place. props were brought to the hearings including some children. right, peter. >> absolutely. both sides of the aisle, decided that they should bring their kids to make their point. and so let's see if congressman
9:05 am
shadegg, first. >> this is mate, she believes in freedom and likes america because we have freedom and believes in patient choice health care. and she asked to come here today to say, she doesn't want the government to take over health care. she wants to be able to keep her plan, you see, she knows that if this bill passes it says that her mom's health care goes away, and won't be around in five years and as a matter of fact, the bill says, if the bill passes, in the no more health care for her mom because it has to change. she wants patient choice, she doesn't want her mom's premiums to go up and doesn't want her taxes do go up by $730 billion, do you, mate? -- mattie. >> i encourage my colleagues to join me in the voting yes, and i assure you these guys will not have to pay for it in the future, yield back the balance of my time. [applause]. >> dave: i think they -- their birthday check this year will be
9:06 am
an extra $25. >> alisyn: and mattie wants a pacifier and bottle. >> alisyn: she wanted the microphone and what moosy the moose says this morning, he also has messages about health care. >> can't use those as a prop. >> alisyn: i can't? >> no, you can't. >> alisyn: i want to bring in brian kilmeade's son, his son also has something to say. be careful... >> dave: brian. >> alisyn: what does brain say about health care. >> it's not fair to bring in a prop. >> alisyn: kids and put words in their mouth about health care? i'm sorry. thanks for coming in. >> dave: thank you, little guy. >> alisyn: uncanny likeness. >> dave: both sides of the aisle go to the shenanigans. and... and you know, i mean, the little brian wanted bipartisan support, though, i want to say, little brian wanted more than one republican to vote for the bill, or whatever bill it may be. >> alisyn: technically it was --
9:07 am
technically there was, there was the one congressman from louisiana, who is a republican, but decide -- >> dave: little brian doesn't call that bipartisan support. >> alisyn: little brian stay out of this! but they are technically -- the president was able to get what he wanted, though many democrats voted against it. as you know, peter. >> and maybe next time the kids should just come in, just have the kids, i mean, because, maybe we just don't need the congress there, maybe we just bring the kids in. >> alisyn: kids alone without their adult supervisors. >> bring in the kids and other people show up and, you know, channel each other. i just... >> alisyn: he likes that idea... "i like that idea." >> julie: >> dave: the way it goes now, safe rule, no kids on the senate floor. >> by acclamation -- i object! >> alisyn: let me tell you what else is happening, because we do
9:08 am
have some other real headlines for you and that is, there's the "fox news alert," an anti-taliban mayor is among those killed in the latest bombing in pakistan, the blast in a busy market killed 12 and wounded dozens more and the mayor who was killed had rasly sworn the local militia to fight the taliban and the attack happened ten miles south of the northwestern city of peshwar, and the taliban claims responsibility for that. the lawyer for the man accused of shooting up the former workplace says his client is mentally ill, jason rodriguez is charged with shooting 61 around killing one at an orlando office building, held without bail and is on suicide watch at the orange county jail and his lawyer says he has been under a lotto of stress. >> unemployment. foreclosure. bankruptcy. divorce. all the stressors, plus the conduct that has been reported from neighbors and family. that shows that he has been declining in mental health. >> alisyn: rodriguez is accused
9:09 am
of killing 26-year-old otis beckford, the accused shooter has blamed the firm of -- for causing his financial difficulties. minnesota governor tim pawlentiy gets a warm welcome from iowa, republicans, he was seen as a potential presidential candidate and spoke at a g.o.p. fund-raiser in des moines and we'll there attacked the health care bill, and excessive spending in washington. >> we should do those things that will put money into the pockets of individual americans, not the pockets of wall street, insurance comes, and big unions and big government. things like cutting the payroll tax, for the small businesses and businesses as well as employees. and things like providing tax cuts to incentivize new hires and to incentivize the growth of small business. >> alisyn: he blasted the pat for not being bipartisan and the republicans need to work together. all right. we work together, with rick reichmuth here to tell us boughs the weather. >> rick: hurricanes again, ida, was a hurricane and tropical storm and a hurricane and now
9:10 am
between the cancun area and cuba. and will move in towards the gulf and then it becomes a little bit more interesting. the official forecast pulls it towards the north and a hurricane right here in toward the central gulf and curves down towards the south and there is very little confidence in the forecast and the models we use to look at this are not in agreement, and some of them pulled back towards the southwest and some of it rapidly racing off towards the northeast and want to look, probably one of the models we look at, precipitation forecast over the next four days brings the madge north of the moisture across the central areas of the gulf and northern parts of georgia where we saw the flooding a month-and-a-half ago and could be a problem. we'll watch this one closely and anybody, from around the tampa area towards new orleans needs to be watching it closely over the next couple of days. in the meantime, look at these temperatures for your day today, 76 in kansas city, spectacularly temperatures, for this time of year and we'll drop a few degrees tomorrow in there, kansas city and chicago, but, still well above your averages and aside from this storm we
9:11 am
have going here, much of the eastern part of the country looks great and the central areas looking good, very light rain towards the northern plains and heaviest of the precipitation is up there across the pacific northwest with rain, and some mountain snow. alisyn, back to you. >> alisyn: sweet. okay, meanwhile the cast of the hit show "glee" making fans happy. or should we say gleeful? several cast members signed copies of their new cd, at a barnes & noble in los angeles. mark sailing, who plays noah, talked about his experience hope to show. >> i'm really flattered to be part of this. and, you know, so i can go back to high school again in a way. >> alisyn: the cast has been signing cd's across the country and they are all really talented kids. great singers. those are your headlines. >> dave: little brian needs coffee! big brian should not drink coffee and he's a little too high strung and little brian... >> those are good looking kids, nice to see the kids there. i don't think it was effective
9:12 am
as a political tool, but, nice to see lovely... >> dave: it is not eke fif. >> not effective as a tool. >> dave: democrats narrowly pass the health reform bill and without strong republican support can it be considered truly bipartisan? republican congressman phil gingrey joins us next. >> one state is trying to ban towns from declawing cats. that controversial cat fight... after this pause. in my busy kitchen, i want nothing but the best.
9:13 am
eggland's best. in my kitchen, i love eggland's best. that's why they're the only eggs... i make for my son. the chef. eggland's best. the better egg.
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>> mr. speaker i ask... >> i snooj revise my remarks. >> i object.
9:15 am
>> in support -- >> i object. >> it's not yet before the house. >> mr. speaker parliamentary inquiry. >> the -- the gentleman is not recognized, the gentlewoman from california has been yielded to. >> i, mr. speaker -- >> i object. >> revise my remarks -- >> i object. i object. >> dave: boy it was late on a saturday night, and they were there a long time, perhaps that was the stress of the long hours. it was a close vote, and a very late night, la night as we said, democrats were able to pass their massive health care reform bill, over 2,000 pages, what are the republican members of the house going to do as we move forward. >> georgia republican representative phil gingrey, joins us now. good morning, congressman. >> good morning. >> so what is the next step? apparently the republicans were kept out of this process, since the beginning, is that correct? >> well, clearly we were and of course -- this is really just this end of the beginning.
9:16 am
it's not the beginning of the end. and, we were kept out of it, despite the fact there are 12 doctors, republican doctors in the house, we caucused and we meet weekly and we have worked very hard, offering our expertise, which was probably 400 years of clinical experience, of practicing medicine, the president didn't accept our advice and that -- but we'll continue to work very hard to try to make some changes, significant changes, and, in fact, i'm not even sure the senate will pass this bill. dark and there will certainly be democrats who now claim it to be a bipartisan bill, because there was the one republican, joseph gow who voted for the bill but this is not exactly the bipartisanship the president promised, was it? >> no, it's not at all and of course when you look at that district the old william jefferson district in the 9th ward of new orleans, obviously he had probably no choice. as did the 39 democrats that
9:17 am
voted against the bill that are in -- look at the states of alabama and tennessee and all across the southern parts of the country, for the same reason, they voted against the bill, a political decision. >> congressman if the president signs a bill like this, for the first time in american history, the government will be mandating, will be ordering americans to buy a product, to buy health insurance. do you believe it is -- constitutional? >> i do not believe it is constitutional. i have never seen anything in the history of this country, where we did that, other than the mandate that young males between the ages of 18 and 26 register for the selective service system when we had the draft. but not only to mandate it but to say that even if you cannot afford it you cannot buy insurance you cannot afford you have to buy one of the health choices the administrator says you have to buy under penalty of law, or you pay a 2.5% tax on your adjusted gross income and if you don't pay that, you get
9:18 am
fined up to $250,000 and you can go to jail for five years. that is america? i don't think so. >> dave: there are certainly real objections like that one, to this health reform bill, congressman, but, we played some of these -- if you will, shenanigans a moment ago from one of your colleagues, representative price, who, every time someone o. their mouth, i object, i object, parliamentary inquiry, and we showed congressman shadegg interchange down a 7-month-old child, are these the types of things... productive on the house floor? where do they get us. >> i think somebody said it may be because of fatigue and late in the night, but, the parliamentary procedure issue was very early in the process. where the democrats tried to bring down their members, female members, in fact, the women on the democratic side, and they -- you can introduce remarks and extension of remarks but they wanted to talk and utilize 30 or
9:19 am
40 seconds and not have it count against their time. and to do that they have to ask unanimous consent and members of the -- outside of the aisle include tom price, my colleague from georgia, were simply saying i object yet the speaker let them continue to speak, and so... they were abusing the system. >> congressman, phil gingrey, thanks for being with us, we appreciate it and appreciate your service, we'll see you soon. >> that you say, great to be to you. >> the deadly shooting at fort hood is putting muslims under scrutiny and we'll explore the difference between extremists and those that follow their faith. >> dave: and a lot of e-mails, a student expelled for poking another student with a pencil. just punishment or zero-tolerance gone too far? we report, you decide. reading e-mails, coming up. 6
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9:22 am
9:23 am
>> alisyn: the country is still coming to grips with thursday's tragic shooting at fort hood and many are speculating the suspect's muslim faith was a factor somehow. but, there is a danger that this event could trigger prejudice and bias against muslim-americans. >> dave: fox religion correspondent father jonathan morris is here with his take. we have to be careful because it is hard to separate entirely his religion, from what happened. after all, he did say god is great, before opening fire. and killing 13 people. but, is it dangerous here in judging the muslim religion. >> there is a danger and i would underline the fact, however, that faith, right listen is always a strong motivation for people to do all sorts of things, very good things and also can be bad things and i think we have to not only say yes, it could have been a
9:24 am
factor, but we have to say to everyone, whether muslim or christian, that if somebody is in your congregation and you notice they are unbalanced you have a responsibility to reach out in a way, to make sure that you are preventing religion being used as a weapon. and that is what happened here. it's not enough for islam, muslim leaders to say, hey, we condemn this. no. in your congregation, in your mosque, are you preaching something that could be understood in a way, that will then be converted into something terrible. >> alisyn: speaking of his mosque there was a member of his mosque who came out a couple of days today and said why is it when a muslim does something horrible like this it is called jihad and when a white guy does a mass murder it is called going postal. do we make this distinction as unfair. >> i don't think it is unfair, quite honestly, because, when we look... i'm all for profiling, if that profiling is not based on race or religion, but on patterns of behavior. right? and we look at some of these
9:25 am
terrible events, and we see there are pat tense of behavior, in which religious motivation, is part of the pattern and we have to say, it's not enough just to say, islam is a religion of peace. that is not enough. what are you motivating your congregation to do. >> dave: what is the responsibility of, say, in your case the father, because this is from a cofounder of an islamic community that hasan was part of who said, he told hasan, quote, something is not right with you, something is wrong with you. and this member, the founding member assumed the military knew these things and you cannot assume that, right? is there some responsibility from the church, from the community. >> there is. there is and it's not full responsibility but especially, in mosques, especially in islam when there is mixing of politics, in religion, talking about foreign policy, it is a very common thing, you have to be careful who you are spooking to, and you have to be very attentive. >> alisyn: well, i think that
9:26 am
everybody has learned if there is any lesson here to raise the red flags before they get to this point and father jonathan, thanks for coming on and sharing your insights. >> dave: coming up the health care bill, barely passed and one amendment is getting credit for pushing it through. why are some g.o.p. leaders crying foul? a new miley cyrus controversy as well. do you believe that. >> alisyn: i can't. listen. >> ♪ ♪ about the radio ♪ and the jay z song was wrong ♪ and the jay z song was on... >> alisyn: you heard her, in her hit single she sings about ajay z song and why is she now telling people she never heard any of mist his music. is she a pop star or a hypocrite? stick around. @
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> a "fox news alert." the house of representatives passed the health care reform bill last night, jim agent joins us from capitol hill it seems like the debate almost came off the rails because of the abortion issue, is that right jier that's right, democratic leaders actually spent the last three days inn in furious behind-the-scenes negotiation, anti-abortion democrats were threatening to vote against the bill which would have killed it.
9:30 am
now, speaker pelosi knew she wouldn't get any republican support and obviously, she was concerned and she needed all of the 40 democrats who are fiercely anti-abortion, and didn't want any federal money spent on abortions. bart stupak of michigan and brad ellsworth of indiana, among others, refused to back down and she had no choice but to allow a vote on their amendment to permanently prohibit any federal funds for abortion. >> the speaker recognizes that members deserve the chance to vote their conscious and have their voices heard on this most important matter. >> but that angered abortion rights activists and threatened losing their votes. >> to say that this management is a wolf in sheep's clothing would be the understatement of a lifetime. >> reporter: that amendment did pass, and, so did this final bill, as you now know. >> alisyn: now there is an accusation from the minority leader john boehner perhaps
9:31 am
nancy pelosi struck a back room deal where the amendment would go away? >> well, the problem for the democrats was this: you've got a group of anti-abortion democrats, who absolutely refuse to compromise but you also have an even larger group of pro-choice abortion rights afkdvocates who were nott all happy they were getting the vote on the amendment and what -- john boehner went to the floor accused the speaker of telling abortion rights activists, the pro-choice group not to worry about this, that she would make sure even if the amendment passed which it did, she'd make sure the language got dropped in any negotiations with the senate which will have to happen -- the next phase -- and make sure the language got dropped and did not stay. and here's what he said. >> it is pretty clear it should be a shell game that is under way and to get it passed in the house, helping to ensure the
9:32 am
bill passes, but we have no guarantees, that when it comes back from conference that that language stopping tocks pair fu-- taxpayer funding of aabortions will be in the bill. >> reporter: they voted for the bill and nancy pelosi must be breathing a sigh of relief. without them the bill would have failed, because she lost 39 other democrats and lost the 40 anti-abortion democrats and the will would not have angel, than we do have another "fox news alert," the army chief of staff says more troops are needed in afghan, general george casey tells more troops are needed to give the general mcchrystal plan to succeed and says the troops will buy the u.s. valuable time to train the afghan forces. if you video of hillary clinton arriving in berlin, her first stop on a european and asian
9:33 am
trip and while in berlin she'll give a speech and participate in celebrations to work the 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall and will talk afghanistan, eastern and north korea with german leaders and north korea and iran are expected to dominate the discussions. and joe perry says this band's lead singer steven tyler apparently left the band after a united -- after a united arab emirates show. perry says he'll attempt to keep aerosmith moving forward even if timer parts ways. there is no aerosmith without steven tyler. he recently cancelled a number of shows, after falling off of a stage. i'll get to the bottom of this, and give you more information. this is disturbing. meanwhile, pop star miley cyrus, is she a musical hypocrite? listen. >> on the radio ♪ ♪ and the jay z song was on
9:34 am
♪ and the jay z song as on ♪ i put my hand up... >> alisyn: in a recent interview she talked about her hit song, "party in the u.s.a." and a line "ajay z song was on and when they asked, what was her favorite song, she said she had no idea and she different listen to pop music, and but she thanked god for giving her a hit song. >> alisyn: and guess what, i know a mooly cyrus sonic i listened to the lyrics and she said, the taxi man turned on the radio and the jay z song was on, and it is not on her ipod and you can't help it. it was on the radio. >> dave: she said she never heard one! and -- >> let's get off mily's back. i mean, i've spoken to my daughters and they said, come on! she's a young woman, come on! >> dave: no, peter, no.
9:35 am
>> alisyn: give her a pass. >> she's a hypocrite? a hypocrite. >> dave: listen to a song before you make money off the guy. i'm just saying, read the lyrics of the song. >> jay z is not complaining. >> dave: and i'm even more outraged by the next story and it is a story we talked about earlier in the program, where a local chicago area 6th grader was in class and got a little frustrated with what his fellow classmates were saying to him and what did he do, he poked one of the fellow students with a pencil near the kneecap area and she was expelled from school, the young man comes from the plainfield area of illinois, she was expelled, guys, and says carol from plymouth, michigan i'm a substitute teacher and every time i witness students poking each other with pencils they were expelled, half the student body would be expelled at one time or another. and again, never been a teacher but i'm agreeing with carol. those type of shenanigans go on
9:36 am
all the time. >> what if he poked the teacher. >> gone, that is a no-brainer. >> pokes a student, you can poke the student but -- >> dave: we acknowledge that. but other people in the e-mail are pointing out, that if you consider a pencil a weapon, why do you require students to bring weapons to class. >> alisyn: good point. zero-tolerance stuff and we have soon all over the country. and, zero-tolerance, if a pencil is a weapon and they say, if you stabbed him but it was more of a poke, even i think the boy who was poked, admits that. and then, he has to be gone but isn't there room for individuality here, case by case basis. >> softening and in this case, according to the published report, the child who did the alleged "poking" or stabbing, depending on how you see it suffered from a hyperactive disorder and wanted to be according to his parents, in a special education klaas class and they said if he had the special attention and one-on-one attention that he needed it
9:37 am
wouldn't have happened but i think we all, especially on a sunday, believe in redemption and the point you made is why should the boy's life spiral out of control? but, but, it is a slippery slope. poke in the eye, poke in the ear. a poke -- is a poke a stab? think if it was a pinpoint tip. >> dave: and this face or the eye you are jeopardizing their lives by jabbing a kid in the knee you have to go on a case by case basis and this goes over the line. i mean... you change a kid's life by expelling him from school and he cannot go to school this year there and next year can go to an alternative school which again changes his education. >> you say suspend him. >> alisyn: funny you say that, because the actual school voted to suspend him ten days and the district school board voted for the expulsion and here's what the president of that had to say, and he basically stabbed a kid with a pencil, something we take seriously, if he would have hit an artery, we would be
9:38 am
having a whole different conversation. and that is a hypothetical and that is my point, a case by case basis he didn't hit a artery. >> the kids are watching, don't poke or stab anyone with a pencil, you might be expelled, you might be expelled and we have to be careful, we don't send the signal, not you or al lynn or myself, but -- alisyn or myself ut but there are consequences to stabbing or poking people with pencils. >> dave: you remember one case, aurora colorado, a student brought in a fake gun to practice for the drill team and the fake gun and didn't look like a real one by any stretch of the imagination and this kid was expelled and the school board realized, we went too far. >> the columbine sensitivity, in colorado. of course. >> dave: let us know what you think about that. also a cat fight. >> that's right. >> developing out there in the state of california. not the hot kind, though,
9:39 am
guys... regarding declawing of cats. it seems that... people in california are lining up to make it illegal to declaw cats. >> alisyn: why? >> dave: in 2010, the vets in california got legislation passed that said the local cities can no change the law. they cannot -- after 2010, the local cities cannot do anything, it is the state and the cities said, we'll step up before 2010 and change the law. the cities are jumping on board, we showed three san francisco, l.a., beverly hills and now already illegal to declaw your cats and i live in connecticut and it is illegal. let me say, i understand it is painful for cats and i understand it is not pleasant, but what you end up doing is killing the cat population, animal rights folks. because a lot of people like me cannot have cats. if they are not declawed because we have young kids and they scratch them and we have furniture, and they tear it apart. i wouldn't have a cat, if it had
9:40 am
to have claws and a lot of people are like me and i'll get angry e-mails, but... >> what if a cat meets an 11-year-old with a sharp pencil in an alley, what is to be done? [laughter]. >> dave: i don't know, a good point. what to do about that... >> alisyn: you're a lawyer. >> yes. >> i am? every day. >> alisyn: these laws that don't take into account whether or not you have young kids, do these general -- are they overturned? do they fly? >> i think it has a good chance of flying. >> alisyn: the cat has a good chance of flying. if you want my opinion. yes. yes. >> alisyn: because i think you have made a very good case, if i were on the jar i would make an exception. >> and i will send him to law school, he's fantastic. >> i rescued my cat and a lot of people do. >> one sentence, what is your position. >> dave: declawing cats is okay. >> alisyn: you heard it here
9:41 am
first dark case by case basis. >> alisyn: fox news... respond to my blog. we have a shot of the morning, from cats to dogs. yes. this is a dog, dancing salsa on the talk show and dances and the dog dresses better than most people as you can see. and some reports call this the salsa, we can't tell. >> lambada. >> alisyn: >> the dance of love. >> dave: a very crisp video! 37 years ago... >> alisyn: oh, wow! i didn't see that coming! great shot. >> dave: i object. >> alisyn: to rick reichmuth, who knows the hot salsa. >> rick: take the skirt off, please! hey, speak of dancing, check this out, tell me your name. >> shelby from miami florida. >> rick: here for a reason.
9:42 am
>> my mom is 82 years old and, it's a radio city rockette reunion and she was the youngest ever when he was 16 and now she's 82. >> rick: congratulations, have fun. the weather picture we have' gorgeous day for most of the country going on and still rain and cooler temperatures, across the pacific northwest. and temps like this when you are waking up in november you cannot complain much. moving forward we do have obviously one story, out there. and that is hurricane ida. hurricane again, potentially getting back up to a category-2 storm, and going to be in towards the gulf within the next couple of hours and this is the official forecast but very little confidence in the forecast. they say anybody to the east of louisiana, needs to be watching it closely and i don't think we'll talk about a hurricane making land full but a lot of rain this week and the satellite/radar shows the eastern part of the country looking good and ida is spinning and the west, the pacific northwest, rain and snow across areas of washington and northern
9:43 am
soari oregon as well. >> dave: thank you for saving us, rick! >> we've told you about the historic health care bill passed last night by the house all this morning, up next why a doctor says there are a lot of problems in this ladies and gentlemen slayings. >> alisyn: if you think it... the money will come to you! the man behind the secret, that wildly successful book, is here, with how you can turn around your finances, in these tough economic times. and it doesn't involve working harder. by the way. ale nt thaveayci y t od tha nty wa branme faf aiz leh ii grnt faf aiz ked kalm leh ii eas sh dcaro,t faf aiz ep wutbyd oll ked kalm
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at we put the law on your side.
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>> most physicians agrees the health care system needs to be fixed but is the house bill the answer? dr. steven fraser is was so concerned about health care reform he wrote a letter to evan byah in july expressing his concerns and the doctor is joining us live with what he thinks of the three -- or the three major problems with the house bill by nancy pelosi. >> thanks for allowing me on the program. >> happy to have you. what is your focus, you narrowed in on three issues and the first called the medical home pilot program. what is the problem with that?
9:47 am
i think it is quite amazing. the program was not in the original hr 3 200 bill i looked at in july and it is new to the bill, section 1302, people can look it up and basically what it is, is a program that will create gatekeepers for medical care for ore elderly. and, specifically, this pilot program is meant to assign medicare patients to an individual gatekeeper that will then direct their care and the individual elderly patient will have to go to them, before they go to other doctors. this is a radical change in the medicare program because right now, maefk is fedicare is fee-for-service. >> and something else you focused on, the universal benefit mandate determined by a health benefit advisory committee. what is that about?
9:48 am
>> well, sections 222 and 233 basically this will set out universal minimum standards for all health care plans that are offered across the united states. so the government appoints a committee of nonelected political appointees to determine what goes into the benefit package and all plans will have to meet the minimum standard. now, imagine, try to look at this in another way and imagine the government comes up with a bunch of mandates they say every american has to buy the same basket of groceries every week, okay? no matter what, every week every person has to buy the basket of groceries and you might not like milk or eggs they suggest or hate broccoli but you have to buy those every week and if you have to buy things you don't want you will be wasting money this, same thing with the universal package. >> and so, fine they'll the third point, running out of
9:49 am
time, doctor, is a lack of malpractice reform. why is that bad for america. >> malpractice, defensive medicine in this country, it is hard to put a number on it but a large number of dollars are wasted every year and the bill has a section that will remove programs such as in indiana that placed caps on damages for lawsuits. so, this new program will allow states to come up with new ideas for malpractice reform, as long as they don't limit attorneys fees or cap damages, which is a step backward. >> we're -- doctor -- >> can i say one quick thing. >> go ahead. >> the medical home program, elderly might be assigned to a nonphysician as a gate keep your, a huge loss of freedom dom. >> a frightening loss of freedom, nice to see you today, thanks for coming. just ahead, what is a key to
9:50 am
attracting money your way, the man behind the so-called secret is here with how you can improve your bank account. ale nt thaveayci y t od tha nty wa branme faf aiz
9:51 am
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9:53 am
>> time now for fresh start. the law of attraction is a key part of the hit movie "the secret." our nest guest starred in that movie and is here to tell you how you can narrow that attraction and focus it all on cash money. >> alisyn: we'll get you rich, this morning! joining us! >> dave: in three minutes! >> alisyn: dr. joe vitally, the author of attract money now.
9:54 am
>> thanks, great to be here. >> alisyn: the gist is if you, iize being rich you will bring money into your life. >> no. that is one of the misconceptions out there. you have to do more than visualize this. one of the problems with the secret and with people who talk about visualizing is that think they just sit there and imagine being wealthy they'll get wealthy and it doesn't work like that. that is only one step. there are 7 more steps and one of the biggest is, take action, and too many people sit and wait and that is not enough, you have to sit and do. >> dave: let's get to the 7 steps and number one on our list, alter how you think, and you say, here the most important part is loving yourself. >> yes. >> dave: how will that help you get rich. >> i well tell you something that is shocking and will shock everybody that is watch it but the truth of the matter is almost nobody loves themselves. unconsciously they have an issue... there is an exception down there! for the most part, we don't think we deserve money. we -- that is why... we don't
9:55 am
think we deserve money or think we deserve to have good in our lives because we don't think we are worthy and that is one of the unconscious beliefs that have to be changed and when i say alter your thinking one of the things you have to realize is that you will not bring money to yourself if you don't think you are valued yourself and if you don't value yourself and the whole first step is altering your perception about yourself, and, about money. >> alisyn: good. next, give without expectation. how does that make you rich. >> it opens you up and if i say, go and give, give to your church and to wherever you are receiving inspiration, and you don't do it, what are you telling yourself? you are saying, you a poor, you are broke, you don't have any hope and will not have any more money and you are shutting down your prosperity channel. and what you have to do is give, give freely, and give openly. and let me tell you something here. the window that you open into your lives to receive money, is made by the windows you create by giving money. so, the more you give, the bigger the window is, to receive. most people don't know this. >> alisyn: that is a hard one to tackle because if you are
9:56 am
scared, it is hard to let money go out of your hands. >> i'm not saying give all of your money away, give a percentage of it and the rule of thumb is 10%, give something to signal to yourself, and to the universe that you can have money -- >> dave: the remaining steps and i'll ask you about one, prosperous spending, ask for help, visualizer goals and think like an entrepreneur, help your community and your world. i want to get back to one, though, what is prosperous spending. >> i love that one, you will like this, too, because what this is, if you see something you want, a product or service and you have the money to buy it. if you don't buy it you are telling yourself you are broke, and are not worthy and not going to have any more money in the future an shutting down your prosperity flow. if you go and buy it you are doing prosperity purchasing, a phrase i coined because i like to buy things and what you at that point is send an alternate message and say i am worthy and i have enough money and will have more to come in as a result of doing this. now i quickly say i'm not telling people to tap out their credit cards or telling them to empty their bank account, if you have the money and you have the
9:57 am
desire, buy it. to send a signal of prosperity to yourself. >> alisyn: maybe, you can find the book, attract money now. >> i'm giving it away! >> alisyn: to private. and on the after the show, show stick around. we'll be right back. (announcer) sleep is your body's strongest ally.
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it can lift your mood, help rebuild muscle... and improve your concentration. tylenol pm works with your body to ease the aches and pains that keep you awake, and helps you fall asleep in a non-habit forming way. because the better you sleep, the better you feel. >> alisyn: "fox news alert," connecticut senator joe lieberman just said on "fox news sunday," quote i have genuine concern that this was a terrorist act, talking about fort hood and we'll have more on this, on fox news channel, all day long.


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